Mobile Solution

Mobile App

Robust state-of-the-art smartphone solution

Our customizable mobile application allows you an easy interface which converts your mobile device into a secure mobile terminal

  • Manage your inventory, set discounts, tips & taxes
  • Quick sale for faster checkouts
  • View your transaction history and perform refunds
  • All transactions are geotagged. Map all your transactions on Google Maps
  • Signature capture on the device and email customized receipts

Card Reader

Rugged, Reliable & Secure

Our PCI Compliant card readers interface with your mobile device to read and process cards at the point of transaction

  • Card Reader plugs into a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and fastens securely to your mobile device
  • Fits In your pocket and is extremely portable
  • Fully TDES encrypted for security
  • Compatible with any Android or iOS devices
  • The same card reader can be attached to your computer and used to run card present transactions from your online portal