About Us

Who we are

MRL Pay is a leading technology provider of mobile point of sale (mPOS) and online solutions that enable merchants to accept card present and card not present payments on their mobile devices or computers (virtual terminal). MRL Pay integrates with all major U.S. Processors and accepts cards from all U.S. based card networks. We have been in the card payment industry for the past 10 years and have a global presence.

Credit card processors, independent sales organizations, agents and other resellers can benefit from MRL Pay by providing this turnkey solution to their merchants, which include TDES fully encrypted and PCI compliant card readers, mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices, secure portal access with the ability to run transactions virtually and provide real-time reporting of sales activity onto your Dashboard.

Resellers also get a portal through which they can board new merchants, manage merchant portfolio and obtain customized reports. An inbuilt Risk Engine in the portal is an add-on feature that enables resellers to set customized risk rules for their merchants and reduces their risk liability.